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  • Standard Penetration Test Boring includes four samples in the top 10 feet and sampling at 5-foot intervals thereafter. Refer to Additional Sampling Fees for more frequent intervals.

  • A surcharge of 20% will be added to all materials purchased for the job.

  • All daily charges are based on a 9-hour workday, including travel time. Any additional time is subject to a $300 per hour extra charge. NO Working Day should exceed 11 hours, including travel time. 

  • All charges based on an hourly basis are calculated at half-hour increments (i.e., 0.5-hour, 1 hour, 1.5 hours, etc.)

  • The materials used to construct a Monitor Well are as follows: Flush threaded schedule 40 mill slotted screen and riser of the size requested, Sand, 2 feet of Bentonite chips and/or 4000 PSI Concrete, and Cap. Any deviation from the above that constitutes an increase or decrease in cost will be adjusted in the well installation cost.

  • All drilling fees are based on level D personnel protection levels; any sites classified as requiring level A, B, or C personnel protection will involve a PPE surcharge.

  • Material Including 1” PVC Riser, Screen, Cap, Bottom point, Sand, Bentonite, etc., used for temporary 1” wells installed for environmental drilling are subject to a charge according to the fee schedule. 

  • Cancellation Fee: Please refer to our cancellation policy - 50% of the daily rate.

  • MISCELLANEOUS: Includes Hand clearing, Deconning, Grouting, Drum movement, Jack hammering, Plumbing, Pumping, Concrete Cutting, Difficult Moving, Site restoration, well development

  • Minimum Billing and Fuel Surcharges may apply and will be determined project-specific.

  • All night work and weekend work are subject to additional charges. 

  • Payment Term: Net 30

 To receive the most updated fee schedule, contact us. 

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